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Aunt Betty Band
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Here is a partial song list.

Hash Pipe--Weezer
The Middle--Jimmy Eat World
Little Black Backpack--Stroke 9
Bad Touch--Bloodhound Gang
It's All Been Done--Bare Naked Ladies
Hanging Around--Counting Crows
Melt With You--Modern English
All Star--Smash Mouth
My, My--Seven Mary Three
Cumbersome--Seven Mary Three 
Back 2 Good--Matchbox 20
Counting Blue Cars--Dishwalla
Hold On Loosely--38 Special
Blue On Black--Kenny Sheppard 
Old Apartment--Bare Naked Ladies
What's This Life For--Creed
White Wedding--Billy Idol
Cover Of The Rolling Stone--Dr. Hook
Brown Eyed Girl--Van Morrison
Free Bird--Lynyrd Skynyrd